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Who We Are?

Brex Agency is a well-established, and accredited privately owned security services company operating across Europe, Middle East and Africa. Brex offers a range of full-service security experiences, including leading-edge
and progressive armament equipment..

Our Founder

Alexandre Faysal began his career by training several agencies on Mixed Martial Arts in 2006. A vast knowledge of different military and police trainings.

Our Services

Discover our services

Employee screening

Employee screening is the process businesses use to assess a candidate's suitability for a job.

Close protection

also known as executive protection, is a specialized security service that focuses on protecting individuals from harm.

Military equipments

a wide range of tools, vehicles, devices, and weapons used by armed forces for combat, training, and logistics.

Security service solutions & consultancy

a broad field that helps businesses and organizations protect their physical and digital assets

Combined fire arms & tactics training

eaches people how to use multiple firearms safely and effectively in tactical situations.

Travelling bodyguards

Travel bodyguards offer a variety of services to ensure our client's safety and security.

Safe pick ups & transport services

Safe pick-up and transport services prioritize the security of both people and goods during transit

Cyber Security

Cyber security services are professional services that help organizations protect their networks and data from cyberattacks

Protection for highly valuable areas and facilities

Security threats evolve, so it's crucial to regularly assess vulnerabilities and update security measures

Personal security training

This type of training focuses on how to identify and avoid risky situations

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Brex Agency is a well-established, and accredited privately owned securityservices company operating across Europe, Middle East and Africa.


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